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Klaus Mühlhahn, Nathalie van Looy (Eds.)
The Globalization of Confucius and Confucianism

in der Reihe: Berliner China-Hefte -
Chinese History and Society (editor: Mechthild Leutner)
Bd. 41, 2012, 160 S., 29.90 EUR, br., ISBN 978-3-643-90305-1
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Es handelt sich um den Konferenzband zur gleichnamigen Veranstaltung am Konfuzius-Institut an der Freien Universität Berlin im Juni 2011.

The popularity of Confucianism is on the rise, not only in China, but also internationally. Confucian values are praised as the (universal) way, especially in the face of the current political, social and economic crises. The philosopher’s legacy has now endured for over 2500 years, and Confucian ideas have gained recognition as the “Eastern” alternative to “Western” concepts. This return to China’s very own tradition and values can be seen as symbolizing China’s new self-confidence.

This latest volume focuses on the resurgence of Confucianism, to examine the role played by Confucian ideas in the present and the past, as well as the potential future form of a new Confucian culture. The articles range from the perception of Confucianism in Europe at the time of the Enlightenment to Neo-Confucian debates and approaches.

Aus dem Inhalt

Li Wenchao
Confucius and the Early Enlightenment in
Germany from Leibniz to Bilfinger

Klaus Mühlhahn
Der Beitrag des Neu-Konfuzianismus zum Dialog
der Zivilisationen in einer globalisierten Welt

Tan Mingran
An Evaluation of Confucian Sympathy from the
Perspective of Evolutionary Ethics

Gu Zhengkun
Confucian Family Values as Universal Values in the
21st Century: Family – Nation – World

Hans van Ess
Der Konfuzianismus und die globale Weltkultur:
Überlegungen bei der Lektüre der Konfuzianismuskritik
im frühen 20. Jahrhundert


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